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October, 2019

Oct 13

Added Drel, south wall map

February, 2019

Feb 3

All maps for this site are now 2000 pixels wide instead of 1200 pixels wide.

Added another World map part. There are now three of them.

April, 2018

Apr 10

Added a second part of the game world.

Apr 6

Added 3 map pieces for individual areas. Added the links to me navigation menus. Replaced the world01 map.

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Each map is 980 x 780 mles. That means about 25 or 26 mill cover the equator/temperate zone.

How to get between them, if the character doesn't want to hire a ship ?

Possible tunnels between some, or portals/gates between others.

In keeping with TFT game, there is a 5% chance the character will die in transit. Every time a character uses a gate/portal.

Good luck !

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A 980 mile by 780 mile chunk of the game world.

Continents and islands unnamed so far. The one on the west side, center left, could be a version of ... Atlantis ?

Many more anchorages on this map than the other two.

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Each hexagon is 50 miles across.

A blasted area, barely any water, not many living things. Doesn't look like much in this overhead large scale view; however, there are many ruined small stone and adobe villages. Some say the ziggurats are still in use.

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